Broad experience in municipal, zoning, planning, preservation easement and environmental law through its municipal clients, provides H&W with unique ability to represent its non-municipal clients in these same areas as applicants, homeowners and business people.

Business Organizations

H&W has experience in forming and representing numerous types of business organizations – whether corporations, LLC’s , partnerships, LLP’s, professional corporations, joint ventures, or not-for-profit corporations and charitable trusts. Our clients include privately-held and family-owned corporations, some of which have been in the same ownership for many generations. We regularly establish and represent start-up and spin-off entities, and we have significant experience in representing U.S. subsidiaries of foreign corporations, including several of the largest multi-national corporations in the world. The day-to-day corporate practice may include advising, negotiating and drafting in connection with setting up a business entity and selecting and creating the most appropriate vehicle; identifying and preparing the general corporate and business operating documents; negotiating and preparing commercial agreements and related documentation relating to sales and purchases of goods and products or services with purchasers or suppliers; establishing, reviewing, amending or terminating distribution, representation, agency and partnership agreements; negotiating and drafting lease or purchase agreements for corporate offices or manufacturing or warehousing facilities; asset or share purchases or sales of businesses; sales and buy-sell agreements among shareholders; opinion letters in connection with transactions; matters relating to hiring and termination and other matters relating to employee relations, including preparation of handbooks, manuals and policies; defense of wrongful termination and harassment or other employment-related claims and counsel; trademark, trade name, copyright and intellectual property protection and filings; secured and unsecured transactions; as well as advice in connection with the numerous other corporate, administrative, regulatory, environmental and governmental issues arising in the normal day-to-day course of business. These are merely a few typical examples of this kind of issues we regularly help our business clients successfully and expeditiously resolve.


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