Broad experience in municipal, zoning, planning, preservation easement and environmental law through its municipal clients, provides H&W with unique ability to represent its non-municipal clients in these same areas as applicants, homeowners and business people.


H&W handles most types of civil litigations. Through our extensive experience in representation of municipal governments, we have expertise in real estate, land use, zoning and related environmental and land use litigation matters, including zoning and planning board hearings and appeals, summary proceedings, Article 78 proceedings, tax certiorari proceedings, nuisance, encroachment, adverse possession and Section 1983 civil rights claims. H&W partners also routinely and successfully handle all aspects of many different kinds of commercial civil litigation claims, including multi-party and high volume document cases as well as much smaller, single-party actions. The nature of such claims may cover contractual breaches, misrepresentations, claims seeking injunctive relief or specific performance of a contract, realization on judgments, trusts and estate disputes and claims before the New York Surrogate Courts, bankruptcy (creditor’s rights) claims, intellectual property infringement and proprietary information disputes, wrongful termination or harassment claims, product liability claims, defamation and libel claims, among many others. H&W partners also have experience as criminal prosecutors and, on occasion, represent clients (or family members of clients) in connection with minor criminal proceedings or investigations. H&W partners have substantial experience in all state and federal (trial and appellate) courts, as well as in many arbitration and mediation forums, and its attorneys are admitted to appear before all New York State and regional federal courts.


Peter B. Colgrove
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