Broad experience in municipal, zoning, planning, preservation easement and environmental law through its municipal clients, provides H&W with unique ability to represent its non-municipal clients in these same areas as applicants, homeowners and business people.

Real Estate

H&W is experienced in all aspects of real estate transactions, including houses, cooperatives, and condominiums. Whether the client is looking to buy, sell or rent a home, H&W will assist him through the entire process from the contract of sale or the residential lease to the closing of the property. H&W is also experienced in commercial real estate transactions, including commercial leases. In real estate transactions there are many areas where the client will encounter great difficulty such as financing, representation of homeowners' associations and cooperative and condominium organizations, title certification, determination of property rights, easements, planning and zoning. H&W's vast experience in this field will make these processes easier and will assist the client to achieve the desired result.



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