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Incorporated Village of Mill Neck

Village Office
32 Frost Mill Road
P.O. Box 351 
Mill Neck, New York 11765
Peter Quick 

Board of Trustees
John K. Colgate, Jr.
Theodore B. Smith, Jr.
Alice G. Smith
Randolph Harrison 
Planning Board
Albert Gherlone (Chairman)
Barbara Dooley
Daniel Bystrom
Myron Spinella
Melissa Meister
John Tabako

Board of Zoning Appeals
Paul McNicol (Chairman)
Gilbert W. Chapman, Jr.
Roberta P. Murray 
Terrill Barnard
Kathleen Gregori

Village Clerk-Treasurer
Donna M. Harris 

Village Justice
Hon. Martin L. O'Connor
Acting Village Justice
Hon. Jonathon Moore

Village Court Clerk
Carol Carrieri
Village Attorneys
Humes & Wagner, LLP
147 Forest Avenue
P.O. Box 546 
Locust Valley, New York 11560
Peter B. Colgrove, Esq.


Peter B. Colgrove
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